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SeV Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece

SeV Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece

The ultimate hoodie: 11 various pockets all round it! Also has a personal area network for your headphones to manage your headphones and more!

This microfleece hoodie is awesome for people that like to (or HAVE to) hold a lot of stuff. The 11 pockets are all different sizes to acommodate different stuff.

SeV, better known as Scottevest (or Scott-E-Vest, it's an E-vest, get it?) makes some amazing products, and this hoodie is one of them. It's super soft and warm as you'd expect from a good fleece hoodie.

The pockets have magnetic enclosures sewn in, so they automatically sort of snap shut and secure your items. The 11 pockets are various sizes such as: deep pockets, pen or stylus pockets, a secret pocket, a pocket for your change, one for your keys and even one to hold a water or pop bottle! (Or maybe a beer...)

Another added bonus for this sweet gear hoodie is that at time of writing it was reduced 25% to $52.49!


Categories: Geeky, Wearable