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Selfie Stick For Your Smartphone

Selfie Stick For Your Smartphone

Ok, it's a selfie stick. No self-respecting, classy person should be caught dead with one of these. Right? 

Well, that's what we thought... until we actually used one. 

See, for YEARS now, we thought that selfie sticks were stupid looking tools for lame, vain people. But then we tried one.

And ohmygeezums, it's super handy and easy to take pics with! You don't have to ask strangers to take your groups photo. It can be such an awkward thing, asking some random person to take your pic. No mas!

With a selfie stick you feel like a king (or queen). You are no longer indebted to someone else to take your pics. Take pics with friends and family wherever you are!

Plus with a selfie stick, you see yourself on your camera's screen - which lets you take better pictures. You see exactly what you look like and can therefore make a slightly different smile, or tweak the position of your hat, tousle your hair, or any number of other changes.

So, we're sold. We are selfie stick converted. We have seen the light. We have joined the cult and drank the Kool-Aid. 

Will you join us? :p

NOTE - THIS VERSION OF THE SELFIE STICK DOES NOT COME WITH A REMOTE. However, you can use the self-timer on your phone to have a delay before taking a photo. If your phone doesn't have this feature built-in (and most do) you can download a free timer app from the Android Play or Apple Store.


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