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Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

A button on the handle gets this mug a'stirrin! In case you didn't realize what it is, it says "SELF STIRRING MUG" in big letters. (Hey, it's made in Hong Kong, at least there's no bad Engrish!)

This screams at us as more of a novelty than anything else. Who is so lazy that they can't stir their coffee!? But on second thought, it can be rather handy, especially at the office when you can find a spoon or plastic stirrer to stir up your coffee.

There's been a few times we've been in that situation. You pour the creamer and sugar in, look for something to stir it up with and... nada... You look high and low but there's nothing to be found. There's one nasty butter knife in the sink that needs washed, but that's it. So you look at your desk and find a pen. That'll have to do. And you use it and it works and you clean off the pen but it smells like coffee from then on.

So ... yeah, we can envision a use case for this. :-p


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