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Scooter Micro Luggage

Scooter Micro Luggage

It's a scooter! It's also luggage! Wha-huh!? Yup, and it's totally security/TSA compliant and fits in an overhead compartment.
This luggage scooter has a 220 pound weight limit, which we think should cover at least a week's worth of clothes, toiletries and other essentials.
Hell, you can even zoom through the airport, getting to your gate in half the time. Of course, in practice, you'd need to be someone who doesn't care a lick what other people think, zipping along on your scooter luggage! (We say, screw it, who cares what people think - life is too short for that, right!?)
It's certainly a bit pricey at $249.99, but really for a good piece of luggage youre going to get near that price anyway.
It's also pretty slick how the scooter folds up really quick-like. It has a nice running board, handlebars and Italian-made wheels that should hold up for a long time.  It has 3 modes: a carrier bag, a kickboard with attached case (the case can't be removed from the board itself) and a trolley.
So even if you don't want to ride it as a scooter, you can pull it along on it's wheels. Cool!

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