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Santa Beard Beanie

Santa Beard Beanie

A beanie hat that also wraps around your chin, giving you a white Santa beard - and keeping you warm!

Ok, you might be able to grow a beard, perhaps the most majestic and luxurious beard in the land. But maybe it's not white and you don't want to color your beard white, because it'll just look weird.

Or perhaps you cannot grow a beard and/or you are a lady. Hopefully you're not a lady with a beard, but if you are, hey that's ok, we shouldn't judge, it's something that happens from time to time. In any case, this Santa Beard beanie is good for all ages and genders and levels of facial hair.

Honestly, it's good to keep your face warm in the harsh, whipping winter wind and this thing does the trick while helping you look like old Kris Kringle at the same time. Cool.

It's made of soft 100% acrylic crocheted yarn and is all in one piece. It has a 3M Thinsulate insulated liner as well to keep you extra warm.

Most importantly, it's sure to generate some smiles. :)

(Also available are the Rasta Beard Beanie, Hunter Beard Beanie and Lumberjack Beanie.)


Categories: Christmas, Geeky, Humor, Wearable