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Ron Burgundy's Book - Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings

Ron Burgundy's Book - Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings

Ron Burgundy's tell all autobiography, in his own awesome words. "I wrote a hell of a book" -- Ron Burgundy. 224 pages of pure class.

If you love Anchorman and Ron Burgundy, then check this stuff out! This book will change your life. Or maybe it won't. But you will laugh and smile and cry and possibly kill a man with a trident.

We ourselves are opting to wait for the hardcover leather-bound edition, because we have many other leather-bound books and our apartment smells of rich mahogany. So this book has to fit in to our classy place.

(Quite honestly, we don't know if Will Ferrel wrote this, but we doubt it. It was most likely ghost-written, but that's just a guess. It's probably a group of people coming up with ideas and putting this book together. It doesn't really matter though because the end result is really quite cool.)

You might ask, Ron is an amazing news anchor, all around good guy and general legend, but can he write a good book?

Well, that's a stupid question, dummy. It's Ron Burgundy, of course he can. He wills entire planets into existence. Small moons orbit his mustache. He blinks and continents are destroyed.

Oh yeah, he can write. Here's a snippet from his instant already classic that is now required reading for grade 10 students:

Does mankind really need another book dumped onto the giant garbage heap of books already out there? Is there some pressing desire for the wisdom of a humble News Anchor in this world? Will it add to the great literary achievements throughout time or will it be lost in a swamp of trivial scrib­bling like pornography—devoured and then destroyed out of shame? I stand here (I write standing up) and I say, “No!” No, this book will NOT be lost! This book is necessary. It’s an im­portant work from an important man. I was the number one News Anchor in all of San Diego. My name is Ron Burgundy and what you have in your hands is a very big deal. It’ It’s my words. It’s my gift to you.

Yeah, you want to buy this.



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