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A Robot That Mows Your Lawn Into Shapes

A Robot That Mows Your Lawn Into Shapes

It's also called a "grass printer", and it can cut messages into your lawn!

It has a touchscreen interface that lets you program designs and words and then it goes to town on your lawn, mowing the programmed design.

You get to sit back and enjoy a cold one, or get to work on other stuff. Man, this is the future!

It only cuts within defined markers, so it's not going to go off-grid. It also has smaller, yet sharper blades and spits out the grass at the rear of the machine.

It won the RedDot design award and is currently under development. But we can reasonably expect that within a year or two we'll have a working grass-cutting robot!

No word on whether it'll have wifi and be hackable and someone will be able to write nasty messages in your lawn. Or worse, perhaps the Grass Robots will rise up against us, and make it so that we can't leave the house - at least until their batteries wear out.


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