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Robocup - The Robocop Coffee Mug

Robocup - The Robocop Coffee Mug

A classic mug from a classic movie. Dead or alive, you're drinking coffee. (Or tea, both rhyme.) Would you buy this for a dollar?

One of our favorite quotes from that movie is when Red from That 70s show tells the women hanging around, "bitches leave!" :p

There's so much good stuff in the original Robocop. It was somehow insightful, gritty, weird and fun at the same time.

Remember this commercial in the movie?

Alarm voice-over: Red alert! Red alert!
Commercial girl: You crossed my line of death.
Commerical mom: You haven't dismantled your MX stockpile.
Commercial boy: Pakistan is threatening my border!
Commercial dad: That's it, buster! No more military aid.
[a simulated nuclear explosion ensues]
Commercial Voice-Over: Nukem. Get them before they get you. Another quality home game from Butler Brothers.

That's some fun social commentary and humor right there.

Celebrate the original Robocop (not the sequels or remake) every day with this mug :)

Fun fact: Did you know that Frank Miller wrote the screenplay for Robocop 3? Maybe it's worth watching. <shrug>