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Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

A super-cool guitar tuner along with included app that automatically tunes each string of your guitar!

The accompanying mobile app lets you use all sorts of different tunings. For instance, achieve drop-D tuning quickly and easily, or pick from dozens of other tunings or create your own. You can even have some notes slightly flat or sharp.

You just set the roadie on each peg and it'll automatically tune that string to the desired pitch.

Great for roadies (hence the name) as you can tune it in high volume environments. You just use headphones.

It's mor ethan just a tuner - it's an assistant that can help you with all of your tuning needs.

Get into the Kickstarter now because the final price will be more expensive - $99 rather than the current $79.

So cool!

It can even restring with the touch of a button. No more incessant twisting of pegs - just let the Roadie do it for you! Guitar players, get in on this action.


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