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Ring Bottle Opener (10 pack)

Ring Bottle Opener (10 pack)

A set of 10 rings that can open up beer bottles! 

Great, inexpensive gifts that can be handed out to make it easy to open a bottle anywhere, anytime. Very handy and it's such a cool feeling to be able to open someones bottle with just your hand :p Definitely a conversation piece, that's for sure.

They come in "one size fits most", but in actually they're about ring sizes 10-12. They actually run a bit large. They'll fit most guys on the middle 2 fingers and for the ladies, they'll have to fit on the thumb. (Sorry ladies.)

We know a guy who got these for his groomsmen and they were such a hit. The guys thought it was such a neat thing to be able to wear bottle openers that it was talked about more than their "big" present.

Make sure you wear these with the opener part facing down.

they're so cheap that they make great little gifts for anyone, anytime. Keep some in your car, being some to parties or just wear them around and show them off. Heck, you could even have a little side hustle and sell these for $5-10 bucks to people at bars and such.

Actually they make great cheap gifts for bartenders. Bartenders love them because they always have a bottle opener on their person and don't have to stop to get something out of their pocket or from somewhere around the bar. SUPER useful.

And quite honestly the finish is so nice that they look good as jewelry, with the added bonus of being utilitarian - something that most guys can appreciate. 

Again, 10 for under $5 - shipped? Pshaw, sold!


Categories: Drinking, Jewelry, Wearable