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Remote Control Tarantula

Remote Control Tarantula

A remote control tarantula complete with black egg sack remote and hairy legs.  Icky and real-looking to be able to scare people with.

The eyes glow red and it has independent leg movement that makes it look real. It requires 3 AAA batteries (not included, naturally).

While this looks like a real tarantula, it's actually a bit larger than most real-life tarantulas. This might be a good thing for fooling people though, as it's a bit more noticeable. At first glance, it seems real. Upon further inspection however people will quickly figure it out.

It scampers around really quickly, but the way it's designed is also a flaw. While the individual legs look cool and allow for the tarantula to scamper around looking real, the legs are also somewhat fragile. If you manage to scare someone and they stomp this little sucker - it could easily be toast. Kids and pets could easily break it too.

That said, it's the only tradeoff you could make for a real-looking remote control tarantula.


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