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Rabbit Egg Shaper Mold

Rabbit Egg Shaper Mold

An awesomely cute egg shaper mold in the form of a rabbit. Kids and adults alike will love it, provided that your soul isn't worn out from years of seeing all the evil bullshit that goes on in this world daily.

Whoa, sorry for the downer of an intro! We're really not that world-weary, it just slipped out.

This cute egg maker has got us happy, at least for a few hours. We whip up a few eggs in the morning and we are just as happy as a lark. 

It's not until mid morning, when the coffee has worn off and the reality of our job and daily toil takes its toil. Then it's just a grind to fight the clock until lunch time when we can rejoice and refuel for the rest of the day. 

Oh darn, did we just go dark again? We didn't really mean to. It must just be the time of year. Or maybe we just need to buy the Owl or Skull versions of this egg mold!

Let's get to the actual review part of the review of this product. Some have said that the mold doesn't work that well. 

Well, it *can* be a bit tricky to operate and make the perfect rabbit shaped egg, complete with yolks for eyes. It'll take some practice, that's for sure!

You may want to use small or medium eggs rather than large or jumbo, otherwise the eyes might not fit quite right. 

Heat the pan up on low heat and spray a bit of cooking oil
Brush oil all over the mold
Now separate the egg white from the yolks
Holding down on the mold in the pan, pour in the whites, then the yolks
Turn heat up to medium to cook

You probably don't want to flip your eggs. It's certainly possible but it's very difficult to do without ruining the design.

So while these are fun (and will distract us temporarily from the fact that our lives are meaningless), it will take a bit of work to perfect the art of making a really good rabbit egg.

This is dishwasher safe. 

Please note that shipping is $1.00.

Good luck with that whole life thing.