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Quaffer - Shot Glasses With Chaser

Quaffer - Shot Glasses With Chaser

Holds your favorite chaser on the bottom and shot on top! Great for Jager bombs, Rum and Coke, RumChata and Jack Daniels Fire, or whatever your little heart desires.

This is a set of 4 plastic shot glasses. They're not dishwasher safe so be careful there. You can get glass ones but they're a good deal more expensive. 

These quaffer shot glasses hold 1 1/2 oz on top and 2 1/2 oz of your favorite mixer in the bottom.

These are a great addition to your barware, especially for those who like to do things like Jager bombs often.  There are many drink recipes that call for the Quaffer as the way to serve drinks.

Now, some liquors blend immediately on contact.  It depends on density and how bubbly the bottom liquid is. If you do a drink with Irish cream, the cream goes in the top shot glass part. 

Pro tip: pour the second shot slowly into the quaffer over a teaspoon. Put the tip of the spoon as close as possible to the bottom liquid. That way the liquid from the top shot doesn't mix with the bottom as much.

Added bonus with this shot glass is that you don't dirty up 2 shot glasses for the shot and a chaser!

Plus you can cut the taste of the hard alcohol on top with something sweeter/not so nasty on the bottom. 

You can even use beer on the bottom, so long as it doesn't bubble up much. 

Really cool conversation pieces and pretty to look at!

Again, they're not made of glass but they're cheaper and won't break when dropped. You can hand wash them and use them over and over again.

Enjoy, and we'd love it if you sent us pics of these in use! We'd post them on the Facebook page and website.


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