Pumpkin Tap Kit

Pumpkin Tap Kit

Tap a pumpkin and serve drinks out of it!

Make your very own pumpkin keg by sticking a tap in it! Serve beer or mixed drinks out of it, or maybe some cider.

Honestly, the idea is easier than what the product depicts. It's really just a spigot (we think) that can be screwed into a pumpkin or other sort of melon. 

But we love the idea of drinking from a pumpkin! Just make sure you clean yours out real good so you don't have crap like pumpkin seeds or gross slimy pumpkin guts in your drink.  But maybe you'll like that?  At least in an Octoberfest style beer some extra pumpkin flavor might not be too bad.

You could also buy a spigot for cheaper elsewhere on Amazon and make it your own way. Click here for a cool how-to.

If you do this, please send us your pics - we'd love to feature them on the site!

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