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Prop Money

Prop Money

Prop money that looks *almost* like the real thing. This is the stuff used in movies!

You get 180 different bills of different denominations ($1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100). All currency is US. 

They come in a convenient note pad that you can tear off. This is actually just like paper money notes used to be distributed and in fact, you can still buy some in that fashion. 

Steve Wozniak used to like to buy sheets of $2 bills that he would have to tear apart on the performations. People wouldn't believe him and would question if the money was legit or not, but it was 100% real money.

These won't pass the eyeball test up close because they say "play money" on them, but at a distance can fool people. 

Made in the US, just like our real money!


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