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PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

This is cool because of the adjustable nature of the weights: you don't need increments of 5 pounds from 5-45, just select the weight you want and you're off!

There's a little selector pin that lets you choose the weight you want. You can spend over $1 a pound for weights and buying each individual poundage can get expensive. And for dumbbells you've got to get 2 of each! That makes these adjustable weight dumbbells very attractive. 
We've also checked into the Bowflex SelectTech adjustable weights and have to say that they don't measure up. The SelectTech can be "buggy", with the weights not catching sometimes, even with some plates falling off during workouts! We've read similar reviews with the Bowflex version, but have yet to see anything that negative about the PowerBlock weights.
So far, we have to recommend these for anyone looking for adjustable weights!


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