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Pop Can Pens by Liroyal

Pop Can Pens by Liroyal

A pack of 6 pens disguised at pop bottles! You get a random selection of 6 cans such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull, Sprite and more. 

They're great little gifts or prizes. We throw some in a prize pack for our co-workers, but they're be great for kids too. Really neat conversation piece!

Now, they're not huge, they're much smaller than some of the pics indicate. They're about 2.5" in height, but that works out ok - they'll fit in a pocket or can be used as a keychain. So it's kinda nice to be able to have a little pen in a can that you can fit in your pocket. Cool cool!

You can have a pen always at the ready and in a cute little package! You can surprise your friends with a small can of Coke that turns out to be a pen :p 

One side of the can is written in English, the other side is in Chinese. This could be a little weird for some people, but also kinda cool. The pens write well too.

For the price (6 for under $5 dollars on Amazon), these are fantastic little pens in a fun package! Grab a couple today!


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