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Pocket LED Card Light

Pocket LED Card Light

A pocket-sized LED light that fits easily in your wallet ... and for under $2 bucks! What could be better? You simply fold the light bulb up out of the card and it lights up; fold it back down flat and it turns off.

These LED card lights are great little stocking stuffers. I keep one in my wallet along with a credit card sized USB flash drive.

Really neat little lights to have on you at all times, but especially when traveling. We used these once when we went to a hotel and couldn't find the light switch! We were stumbling around for a little bit and then I remembered that I had one of these. (I didn't have my phone on me and the wife's phone's battery was dead.). It worked out pretty well and I was thankful I had bought these.

They last forever too... ours is going on over a year of light-giving. Some people say they've gotten over 3 years of light from one of these. However, other reviewers say they hardly work at all. We just think that's the nature of some of the cheaper stuff from China - it's very hit or miss. But, if you can grab a bunch for super cheap and throw out the couple of ones that aren't working then it's an overall win. 

Here's the other negative - it doesn't give off a ton of light. It's enough to see by but you probably don't want to read from it, you'll likely give yourself eye strain trying to see. It's also nice as a portable, on-the-go nightlight, for you or your kids. If your kids are in an unfamiliar hotel or out camping, it's a nice little light to set up next to their bed. Same for your in a hotel with poor lighting, or just so you can get to the bathroom in the middle of the night without bashing your toes into something! 

All in all for the price ($1.54 at time of writing) you can grab several of these and not break the bank. Very cool, very handy and definitely a conversation starter.


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