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Pig Spoon Holder

Pig Spoon Holder

A kitchen pig helper that holds your spoon (or other utensil) on the side of the pot. The tool that you didn't know you needed!

No more messes from laying the spoon down on the counter. No more wasting paper towels picking up tiny messes like this! Just attach this guy to the side of your pan or pot and stick in the spoon.

It won't melt or anything and fits most pots and pans. It'll fits pots and pans with lips or straight edges. *Some* pans with smaller thicknesses you might have some trouble with, but for the most part this little piggy will work on almost anything. 

It's also useful for lifting up lids with metal handles!

No more having to clean off the counter or spoonrest. My wife loves her little pig and *I* don't have to clean another dish off! Win-win.

This guy will also work with other kitchen utensils like spatulas and scoops.

Also available are the Rooster and Chicken Spoon Holders. They're *tad* more expensive at $5.84 but you still can't really beat that.

• Rooster

• Chicken

For a little gift or pick-me-up, this is the cutest little kitchen tool PLUS it's actually useful. You can't go wrong with this little guy!


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