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Phase 10 Card Game

Phase 10 Card Game

Alright, this is the classic game from the 80s! Who remembers this?

For those that don't know it (or don't remember it) it's pretty simple to learn. You complete runs of 3, 4, 5, 6 7 cards or more. As you complete one phase you move on to the next more difficult phase. 

It requires a bit more thinking than Uno and is (just slightly) more complex. It's not a big brainer game, you can still relax and have a few drinks while playing this. 

For under $5, it's a nice little package to grab and throw in a backpack for a family getaway weekend. It's a great rainy day game for a half hour to an hour. Honestly, you'll probably grow tired of it after a coupel of hours, but it's easy to learn - even for the kiddos. 

And you could spice it up by playing for money (or shots!)...


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