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Peter Heater Knit Wiener Warmer

Peter Heater Knit Wiener Warmer

Hahahahah....yes, it's a silly, great gag gift! We don't know that it will actually work/fit or if it's simply a gag, but it's still hilarious!

As they say, it's a "mitten for your man meat" with a nice nasty neat alliteration. It's great for those winter months when your willy needs a bit of a warm up. Who cares that your genitalia is one of the warmest parts of your body, it's still nice to have it a bit more cozy!

It's "homemade" or at least knit. Maybe not made at someone's home, but crocheted to last a long time.

Of course there are many types/sizes of wieners, but this should fit most of them! Maybe not when erect though. 

We haven't actually tried this, but we can see it being pretty comfortable, if a tad warm to actually wear around. We see this more as a straight up gag gift that isn't used, except for maybe a little playing around in the bedroom with the wife/gf. 

All in all it's a cute and funny gag gift for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. Plus, it wicks away moisture!

Definitely check it out!


Categories: Adult, Humor