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Personal Digital Breathalyzer

Personal Digital Breathalyzer

A personal breathalyzer that can show you your blood alcohol content (or BAC). Keep it handy and make sure you're safe to drive at any time! And save $10,000 in DUI costs. Eek!

At first glance this seemed like a lot of fun; we wanted to host a party where we'd track everyone's BAC as the night went on. But as fun as that sounds, this sort of breathalyzer is really more practical than fun.

See, we love to drink. Like, a lot. But in thinking about this we though about getting a DUI or potentially hurting other people. The BACtrack can help save your (or someone else's) life.

We researched a bunch of breathalyzers and found that the cheapest and mid-range ones suck. If you want something that's accurate, you'll have to pony up some dollars. The BACtrack is about $100 bucks and that's roughly what you'll need to spend to get an accurate one.  If you spend less, you risk getting a piece of crap.

The BACtrack's has a police-grade sensor and is "the same technology trusted by hospitals, clinics, and law enforcement, and provides enhanced linear accuracy, from 0.000 to 0.400% BAC". It also has a built-in memory to save the last 10 BAC readings for later reference.

And while most of us think that the DUI plates are for "the other guy", it could easily be us at some point, so we should all be careful. Because the risk of a DUI is HUGE.

Did you know that the average DUI could cost you $10,000?  TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! Holy crikey! This cost includes all legal fees, court costs, fines, courses and license stuff. This is on average across the whole country. (Click here for a BankRate article that talks about the various costs associated with a DUI)

In our state of Ohio, your first DUI can get you a mandatory 72 hours in jail, your license suspended for 6 months to 3 years, a fine of $250 to $1,000 among other costs.  That's only if your BAC was between 08%-.17%. If it's over that you're facing an automatic 7 days in jail and stiffer fines.

So yeah, spending $99 on one little breathalyzer definitely seems like a good idea to us now!

But here's the good news... as you're probably aware, your blood alcohol content works in conjunction with many other factors like your weight. And of course as time goes on, your BAC can go down. 

So at a weight of 200 pounds, you can have 5 drinks in an hour and still be at 0.07675, just under the legal limit in a state like Ohio.

You can use this handy BAC calculator like we did to find out if you're most likely ok to drive or not. 

Also, don't bike under the influence either. In many states, riding a bike while drunk can be considered the same as driving a car. We don't understand it, but it's true.

The same goes for putting your keys in the ignition. Cops could arrest you and give you a DUI simply for starting your car (if you're drunk).

So the last word is, have fun, drink a few but be safe!


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