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The Perfect Potato Slicer

The Perfect Potato Slicer

Make the perfect tomato slices every time! Also great for potatoes, onions, or other similar veggies, even eggs!

This holds the potato in place, allowing you to slice evenly and surely every time. The slots are perfect for your knife to go through and chop up the veggie. It's a nice little kitchen tool and handy for many things. Your wife (or your husband) will love it!

This tool is great for those who aren't good at "kitchen stuff". If you're not good at cutting evenly, this will help you out immensely.

Now, while the manufacturer claims that it's dishwasher safe, we have our reservations. It's smaller and plastic, so it likely won't hold up after multiple washings. We suggest washing it by hand. 

The other thing is that for larger potato this may not work. If they're huge, they simply won't fit in this. But for smaller potatoes, this thing is great!

We just wish that they could somehow make a larger unit that you could adjust to the size of the potato. But until then, this little guy is badass and works pretty damn well with the smaller potatoes.


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