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The Perfect Drink Maker App & Scale

The Perfect Drink Maker App & Scale

Helps you make the perfect drinks every time! This scale pairs with a smartphone or tablet (either iOS or Android) to help you be an awesome mixologist!

You can get up to 1 gram accuracy! It fixes accidental overpours by readjusting for the overpour. You can also tell it what's in your cabinet too see what kinds of drinks you can make.

Keep it hidden in a cabinet or something to let people think you know how to mix every drink. Or simply leave it out in the open for everyone to see and use and make their own drinks.

It also gives you lots of ideas for making drinks. Also comes with a 750mL stainless steel cocktail shaker, two pouring spouts, smart scale, and phone/tablet stand.

It's made by Brookstone, which we're not sure if that's a postive or not. A lot of the Brookstone stuff has been high priced crap that you don't care about after a couple of months. This "Perfect Drink" maker might be different though. It sure sound like a cool idea at least.


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