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Owl Tea Infuser by Tovolo

Owl Tea Infuser by Tovolo

A super-cute owl tea infuser! We've seen some really cool tea infusers before, but this one might be the cutest!

Just pop off the bottom of the owl and insert your loose leaf tea. Hint: slightly bigger leaves works better - otherwise you might sometimes get some loose tea floating around, but this is a common problem with most any tea infusers. Great for both loose leaf tea or mulling spices.

Comes with a nice stainless steel chain to hang off the side of your teacup/coffee mug. It's really easy to clean out after each use too, just detach the base and rinse out the inside. 

Let's face it this infuser is more for the ladies, and that's ok. Although there's probably some guys out there who like owls and that's cool, we're not gonna judge. It's just that there are manlier tea infusers, plus I guess drinking tea itself doesn't seem like most men do. Men are generally seen as coffee drinkers. But whatever, I like tea and I'm sure lots of other guys do too. I'd use this thing, it's cool!

I haven't used a tea infuser though - yet. I've just used the tea bags from Lipton. Perhaps this is my chance to grab an infuser and see what the big hullabaloo is all about!

In any case, for under $5 shipped, this is a real steal on a tea infuser. Check it out today!


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