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Owl Cardboard v2 VR Kit

Owl Cardboard v2 VR Kit

A great and inexpensive way to get started with VR apps on your phone. It's like Google Cardboard but cheaper. But that doesn't mean worse. In fact, it looks a little bit better than Google Cardboard to us; a bit more finished.

It folds up really nice and compact AND looks cool.

However.... we've found that the head strap is a bit short for some people. The velcro patches that are glued onto the unit have a tendency to weaken and come off. You can superglue them back on, but it's a little bit of a pain.

Also, these VR goggles are way less comfy than a nice pair. You're paying for comfort when you get a good pair of VR goggles, among other things. These will do the job and they're a great starter pair of VR goggles, but if you want something that lasts, something quality and with comfort, then you'll need to spend a littler bit more money. 

But for $5, hell, these are awesome and perhaps the best VR goggles you can get for under $10 bucks!