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Outdoor Rock Key Holder

Outdoor Rock Key Holder

An awesome key holder disguised as a rock. Store a key or two in it and hide it in the garden or walkway to your house. It'll blend right in with other foliage (we hope) and only people you tell about it will know it's there.

Alright, we may be telling our age a bit here, but we remember seeing these things at places like Spencer Gifts in the mall in the 80s. Pretty cool, but back then they were THE SHIT. Like totally mind-blowing. Although, I suppose anything could be mind blowing to a 10 year old. 

We suppose there may be thieves who recognize these rocks and look for them, but we suppose most people that are gonna break in aren't very intelligent. You're probably ok to use one of these rock key holders.

This is a really good idea for rental properties or shared condo units. Don't worry about being locked out any longer!

The only drawback that we've seen is that sometimes water can get into these things and start rusting the keys. You could always use a plastic ziplock bag to wrap the key in.


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