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The Original Rubik's Cube

The Original Rubik's Cube

The classic Rubik's Cube that you were likely unable to solve as a child! Pass it on to a whole new generation who will try to solve it for 10 minutes and then put it down, never to touch it again.

Ok, that's not likely what will happen; at least it wasn't with us. We tried and tried for days, for a half hour here, an hour there. But we were never able to finish it. 

As adults, we picked it up again, thinking that with our improved brain power we should be able to finally master this child's toy. But nope. Got close, but no cigar. We even researched online to find methods to solve the Rubik's Cube and learned about the 4 sides method (basically you solve 4 sides, which is *fairly* easy) and then you work on the rest. But it was still to convoluted for us.

Somehow, people figure it out though, or maybe their minds work differently than ours. After all, can they build a website about the coolest stuff ever and then write up a bunch of sometimes amusing descriptions? No way! Hah!

Actually there are whole websites out there dedicated to getting you to where you can solve Rubik's bastardly Cube. For instance, It's still not in our wheelhouse, but maybe you can pull it off. Good luck to ya!


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