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One Hand Food & Beer Plates

One Hand Food & Beer Plates

A set of 21 Go Plates for one handed eating and drinking! Plates fit over most bottles, cans and cups. Eat with one hand and remove the plate to drink!
These Go plates are under $1.50 each when you break it down. The plates are sturdy and made from clear recycled plastic. You can wash them by hand or run them through the dishwasher for repeated use. 
The Go Plates will fit over even 16 ounce and 18 ounce cups. 
Awesome for outdoor parties where there aren't enough tables or chairs for everyone. Plus, sometimes you just like to walk around talking to people and you can snack at the same time! 
It's really a wonderous invention. It seems like the best inventions are many times the most simple.
Great for tailgates, barbeques, outdoor wedding receptions, and all sorts of general partying!