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Nintendo Gameboy iPhone 5/5s Case

Nintendo Gameboy iPhone 5/5s Case

A SWEET, retro phone case for your older iPhone 5 or 5s. Nintendo fans rejoice!

Ok, Nintendo is bringing back the old systems here lately with the Nintendo Classic and SNES Classic. And here's a nice way to latch onto the Nintendo resurgence AND celebrate your Nintendo roots with an iPhone Nintendo cover.

This case is made for the iPhone 5. It also fits the iPhone 5s, although not QUITE as snugly. you can throw a piece of tissue between the back of the phone and the case, making it just right. 

The case clearly shows the Gameboy logo and is made of silicone. It holds up pretty good in general, aside from the fact that silicone tends to get dirty over time, picking up the daily grime and whatnot from your hands. That said, for the price (just over $5 bucks shipped) it's a helluva deal. You could always buy another one down the road if this one wears out, gets dirty, gets torn up, etc.

Aside form being inexpensive, it's also a real nice conversation starter! Our friend Jeff has this and he said he gets dozens of compliments a month. Most are from Nintendo fans, some are people just asking what the heck it is. 

It looks just like a real gameboy, complete with raised buttons and screen. It actually doesn't cover the portion of the "Gameboy screen" so you'll likely want to make sure your iPhone has proper protection, i.e. a plastic screen cover.

Simply awesome.


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