"Nessie" Dinosaur Ladle

"Nessie" Dinosaur Ladle

Ermagerds, it's a Nessie Ladle! It's really cute ladle in the form of a dinosaur and should make for some smiles in just about any kitchen. 

This ladle is dishwasher safe and the plastic holds up to any hot soups or stews that are below the temperature of the sun (*Actual temperature that it can withstand are greatly lower than the sun. FYI.)

Nessie has four "feet" to hold the ladle upright on its own. This is really handy so as to not make a huge mess on your counter or kitchen table, plus it'll stand upright in the pot itself!

This makes for a really cute stocking stuffer or pretty much any cook that doesn't hate life. 

*NOTE: This ladle does not have a self-draining bottom. It will hold any liquid it picks up.

Available in 3 different colors: blue, plum and yellow.


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