The Neck Knockers Boob Scarf

The Neck Knockers Boob Scarf

Don't be a boob, stay warm AND let your tatas swing freely with the boob scarf!

Each scarf is handmade from 100% anti-pill fleece. Every nipple is custom knitted and sewn on just for you! You can machine wash them or hand wash. No need to iron them and they will not shrink.

You can swing your boobs around freely and you don't have to wait until you're older! Guys, you can now know the feeling of having people stare at your breasts. Hey, my eyes are up here ladies.

The "Neck Knockers Boob Scarf" even comes in it's own boobie prize packaging. On the contrary, we believe that you are no boob when buying this! What do YOU think?


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