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Mycestro Finger 3D Mouse

Mycestro Finger 3D Mouse

A 3D mouse on your finger - lets you use hand gestures to move the mouse, scroll and click buttons! Amazingly intuitive and brilliant!
The Mycestro (pronounced "maestro") could well be the future of computing! At least how we navigate a GUI.
Your hands NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE THE KEYBOARD! How cool is that? Type, scroll, type, click, type. 
Mycestro has a touch-sensitive panel that you use (with your thumb) to activate it. When you're not touching it, the cursor function pauses until you activate it again.
Mycestro uses Bluetooth, so there's a range of about 30 feet. The battery lasts about 8 hours and can be charged via USB. 
It's a super light piece, about the weight of a wireless bluetooth earpiece, or next to nothing.
We really like this Kickstarter mouse input device and will be picking one up for ourselves!

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