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Mustache Bottle Opener

Mustache Bottle Opener

Mustaches, babes and bottles of your favorite beverage - what more could you ask for? This combines at least 2 of them. 

When you open your drink with a mustache, you'll be looked upon with a certain air, a reverence almost. You'll have that mysterious charm of a person from another time, another place. 
The opposite sex will adore you and the same sex will want to be you. Or the opposite if you prefer. It doesn't matter - the power of the mustache is JUST THAT STRONG!
It's sort of like making a wish every time you open a bottle with the mustache bottle opener. Also, every time you open a drink with this, a young man gets a mustache. It's sort of like an angel getting it's wings. Bottle opened, mustached. Another bottle opened, mustache. 
Just think of all the classiness you'll be creating!
Oh yeah, it's also made in the United States of America. :)