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Mushroom LED Nightlight

Mushroom LED Nightlight

Great and adorable nightlights that can rotate through 7 colors. Very worth it for just over $2 bucks shipped!

Speaking of shipping, the wait time is a little long. You might have to wait 3-4 weeks or so. But, if you can wait, it's totally cool. It'll turn on and off automatically depending on the daylight. In fact there is no on/off switch, instead it has a light sensor.  You can take off the mushrooms and leaves and move them around if you like for different looks; especially handy when you have several of these in a house.

Our kids loved them so much that we bought 4 more for all their rooms and the hallway to their rooms. Just one of the mushroom changes colors, the others stay the same. It's still cool-looking and fun and the kids like to mess with them and move them around into different positions. 

Now, if you have infants or toddlers, you should note that the mushroom tops could come off and babies could possibly choke on them. We don't think it's a huge hazard, but something to think about.

All in all a great, inexpensive nightlight that can even save some energy for you. Grab a couple! You won't be disappointed.


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