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Mushroom LED Light

Mushroom LED Light

Adorable mushroom night lights! Small, cheap and cute - a nice trifecta.

Right off the bat, these are really nice but the product description on Amazon is a little misleading. They make it look like you get 7 of these - you don't, you just get one mushroom light!

But that's ok, it's just not as great of a deal as it would have been with 7. For well under $5 on Amazon ($1.98 to be precise, and that's with free shipping) you get one super cute night light. 

Really it's more than a night light, you can put these little guys anywhere you want. They require 3 batteries each (AAA) and these aren't included. 

They rotate smoothly through 7 different colors. It's a translucent white until you turn it on. 

These make really nice stocking stuffers!


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