Mini Ostrich Pillow

Mini Ostrich Pillow

The Mini Ostrich Pillow is smaller version of the Ostrich Pillow that you can take with you traveling or for use at your desk.

It's simply awesome for travelling. Stick your arm in it and you have an instant hand mitt cushion. Great for those long flights or car trips.

No more waking up with those sleeping/tingly/pins & needles arms - this solves that problem.

It also combats those super hard hand rests on planes. 

It doesn't have those loud beads in it - it's super quiet with micro beads that don't make any noise at all. The beads also comform to different positions and hand sizes. 

Wear it like a mitt on your hand, or around your arm or under your head, whatever is most comfy for you.

The exterior cloth is soft and stretchy and helps hold its shape well, yet gives you a good deal of flexibility in how you position the pillow.
Again, great for long trips but also good for the office to get a quick power nap. Maybe this could be even used at school, possible in college. You could still listen to the professor lecture while putting your head down for a bit if you're sneaky or you have a really cool prof. 

This thing is GREAT for those with carpal tunnel surgery. It cushions the wrist so well and is perfect to set an arm off to the side of a desk wile working, or to go to sleep with. For any type of hand surgery, this pillow is awesome.
If you happen to spill on it (or drool all over it while napping), its totally machine washable.

Grab one of these for just $16.79 shipped and enjoy some quality napping on the go.


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