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Mini Compressed Towel Set

Mini Compressed Towel Set

Amazingly compressed towel in little discs that you can put in water for 3 seconds and expand into a square towel. These little towels expand to 25x40cm.

They can be used again and again and you get 10 towels.

Toss some in a bugout or survival bag. Use them when camping, road trips, flying or at the office. Toss a couple in your desk just in case you ever need one. 

They seem pretty handy, although we're left wondering how they dry you off. If you're meant to use water to expand them, are they wet all the way through? So you can only use them as wet wash? That's not a horrible thing, but we're just not sure how to use them. You could still use them to clean up a bit when camping or anywhere else.


Plus if you've ever read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series of books, you know that every hitchhiker needs to have his towel with him. They're an indispensable travel tool. And as Towlie from South Park says, "Don't forget to bring a towel!" 


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