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Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Hoo boy, the Creeper as a hoodie. Might not want to wear it around your Minecraft-loving friends or they could blow you up. Just don't make that familiar click and hiss sound as you creep up on them.

These Creeper hoodies rock! NOt only do they make you look like a Creeper, but you can zipper up the head of the hoodie and cover your face up... with the face of a Creeper!

Not THAT type of Creeper weirdo... the kind that sneaks up on you and goes BOOM! Not the type that looks at women leeringly.

These hoodies run a little bit big, so you may want to get a slightly smalelr size that usual. Or just get the normal size and let you kid grow into it. 

Great for wearing all day e'ry day, but also great for Halloween. Hey, instant costume! The money you spend on a Halloween costume this year will also allow your kid to wear it year-round. Well, except maybe in the summer, but even then there are cool nights and mornings, maybe sitting around the campfire at night or going fishing in the morning. 

My boy absolutely loves his Minecraft Creeper hoodie. My wife calls it a jacket though and that's something that I've never gotten used to. I know what a jacket is and I know what a hoodie is - they're not the same thing! A jacket is a thinner coat that you typically wear in spring and fall. Not made of fleece or the same material as a hoodie. I know, they provide about the same functionality, but they're NOT THE SAME! (mini-rant over)

Anyway, most any kid that likes Minecraft will dig this shirt (bad pun intended). You can't really go wrong with this as a gift if the kid is at all a Minecraft enthusiast. 


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