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Minecraft Creeper Coffee Mug

Minecraft Creeper Coffee Mug

SsssssSssss.... BOOM! This mug will keep you on your toes! Beautiful square pixlated design, just like the awesomeness that is Minecraft.

OK, the craze that is Minecraft may have faded a bit in the past few years, but it's still extremely popuar and played by tons of people. Granted it's not as popular as it once was with seemingly every kid addicted to it, but we still see lots of kids into it.

Typically it's the types of kids that are creative types and drawn to making worlds and crafting things. Those that love Minecraft AND drink coffee (or hot chocolate or the like) will no doubt be drawn to this crafty Creeper mug.

It's square in design, just like a pixel in Minecraft proper and all green with the faceof a Creeper on it. Badass! This coffee mug looks great and last a lonf time.

Bear in mind that this is not a ceramic mug - it's plastic. Also because of the square design, it can't hold too much, only about 8 ounces. But that said, it works great. You can microwave it and it's dishwasher-safe. 

Some people have come up with the idea of using this as a cup to hold crayons and pencils and stuff. That'd be pretty cool! In any case, if you have a Minecraft-loving kid (or big kid) in your life, this would be a fantastic gift Just watch out for that boom!