Mermaid Blanket

Mermaid Blanket

Great for both adults and kids - slip inside it and look like a real mermaid! The bottom is designed to give the tail of a mermaid.

Our daughters go crazy over mermaid stuff, and my wife likes it too, so these blankets were just perfect for them! We have a couple in various sizes and they're pretty cool. I must admit that I've modeled these a few times as well :)

Very cute and a nice addition to a living room. We keep them in a footrest for the couch that opens up to contain all our cozy stuff. 

It doesn't have to look like a mermaid, they can jsut be used as a pretty and comfy little throw blanket. Great for gifts too! The colors in the tail are cool and the overall effect is really neat. Soft and handmade and will last a long time.

Some people say that there's an odd smell when this mermaid blanket arrives. We didn't notice it, but just toss it in the wash and run it through once and you shouldn't have any issues. 


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