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Mandalas, Animals, and Paisley Patterns Adult Coloring Book

Mandalas, Animals, and Paisley Patterns Adult Coloring Book

A soothing and really cool adult coloring book for those who like 60s retro designs. It has all sorts of intricate illustrations from circular mandalas to paisley floral patterns to birds, lions and other animals. Very  and you certainly won't get bored coloring this book. 

The size is a little different than most - this coloring book is square and 8.5" by 8.5". 

You get 48 cool illustrations in total, one on each page, which is a little larger than most adult coloring books on the market. You really get your money's worth on this one!

Note that is you're using markers to color this in, you'll want to put a sheet of paper in between the pages, otherwise your marker will likely bleed through! Other than that we can't complain about this product.

Some of the designs are more complex than others, so there's something for everyone of all skill levels. Or start with the easier deisgns and work your way up. 

We never thought we'd enjoy coloring again, but once we tried it with this book, we are hooked. We grab an adult beverage (for me it's a beer, and wine for the wife), put on some tuneage (typically jazz or classic rock) and sit at the kitchen table getting artsy and down with our bad selves. You can literally free the stress of the day melt away when doing this!

Another thing is that I got one of these for my elderly mother at the assisted living home. She doesn't have a lot to do but this has been a real hit! Her and some of the other ladies there have a sort of club where they draw together and tell stories. Honestly it's the same stories over and over because they forget which ones they've told or can only remember so many :p 

Grab a couple of these and go to town!


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