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Magnetic Baking Pan Ribbon

Magnetic Baking Pan Ribbon

Design your own baking shape molds! This ribbon has magnets at the bottom so you can bake things in almost any shape. 
It's a modular baking pan that also lets you bake things thicker; for instance pancakes that instead of spreading out across the whole pan will cstay within the shape you set. 
The silicone band will peel away after baking to easily remove your baked goods.  The volume of the any shape ribbon is comparable to a 9" x 9" baking pan. 
It's awesome to be able to bake a cake in whatever shape you want. Make it a heart or a circle or a star... really the possibilties are endless. Non-finite. I mean really, there's only so many shapes that make sense, but theoretically you can do whatever you want. 
Make the cake into ET or an octopus, Big Bird or Oscar the grouch! You can make anything that kids would like for a birthday party. You don't need to get it EXACTLY right - it just needs to approximate that shape. Then later when you paint with frosting you can get the details. 
We know plenty of adults who would love a cool, geeky cake made with this. Just use your imgaination... how about a Millenium Falcon cake? Any superhero like Spiderman. A middle finger cake. A penis cake. A football stadium with the logo of their favorite team. C'mon, you got this. 

But we digress, and are probably talking way too much about it. If you're going to be baking a lot and want to be a little creative with designs, this thing should really help!

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