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Magical Unicorn Meat

Magical Unicorn Meat

Magical Unicorn meat - in a can! Now you don't have to spend months hunting and preparing the elusive unicorn. Great for meat eaters and vegans alike.
Sure, this meat isn't fresh, it's canned like Spam. but isn't Spam awesome? Hmm...maybe not, but we assure you, Unicorn meat is like none other in the known universe. Upon entering your mouth you forget the feeling of your body and leave the material world behind. 
You enter the magical land of the Unicorn, with it's purple, starry sky, rainbows and glitter everywhere. A Unicorn matched to you will present itself and you can ride him or her through the magical land. You can pluck chocolate apples off of trees and eat any other candy you find. The effect lasts for a couple of hours.

As seen in this picture, this product is a tin containing the stuffed unicorn.
Ok, you got us, none of that happens. But don't think that Unicorns don't exist! They do, in a small village in Ireland, where the locals are working to build up the population again. The sales of this product help their efforts. And don't worry, they only butcher the old or lame Unicorns. So at least it's all going to a great cause.
The Unicorn meat is not gamey at all like you'd think it'd be either. It pretty much tastes like chicken.
(* Honestly though - there is no meat in this product!)

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