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Lord Of The Rings Doormat

Lord Of The Rings Doormat

"Speak Friend, And Enter". Quick, what's the Elvish word for friend?

Mellon? Really? Mellon!?!? We always thought it was "Belloc", at least that's what Gandalf sounds like in the film, The Fellowship of the Ring. But we've been known to be wrong before (yeah, it happened once, back in '82.)

In any case, you can argue this point with your true Lord Of The Rings fan friends. You can discuss the finer points of what was left out of the movies that was in the books and how they otherwise differed. And the cool chicks will jump in and kick the knowledge.

You could play a really twisted game and only let in people to your hosue that know the password. You'd have a lot fewer people coming to your place, but at least you know they'd all be LOTR fans!


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