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Lockpick Practice Set

Lockpick Practice Set

Your very own lockpick practice set: all you need to learn how to pick a lock and do it yourself!

This is an awesome starters set for the would-be thief or the person who just needs to know how to open locks. We can see many legal uses of this. You never know when you might lock yourself out of something, especially if you have kids. We're not sure if this can unlock car doors, but imagine that those locks would work the same way.

This gives you a transparent padlock so you can actually see the tumblers as you pick them. You'll gain skill and dexterity while you see yourself performing the lockpicking. 

Really good for police or those training to be a policeman. 

Having grown up playing D&D, we see this as FINALLY A chance to actually know how to pick locks. I don't know what locks I would actually pick but I'd LOVE to have this ability up my sleeve!


Categories: Adult, Geeky, Humor, Survival