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Lit - Birthday Joint Candles

Lit - Birthday Joint Candles

Hey, it's your birthday and it's time to get lit! Light candles, that is. 

These candles represent joints, and that is funny to some people, mostly people who smoke weed.

Other names for joints include, but are not limited to, doobies, spliffs, joints, blunts, roaches, fatties, marijuana cigarettes, bleezy, J, doobie snacks, hogleg, reefer, bone, beef, a philly, mary janes, chronic, hydro, J. 

Of course, these candles will not get you high, they're merely respresentative of having a great time.

This is a set of 8 perfectly rolled joint candles.

Some really stoned and/or really jonesing people might just try to smoke these. Bad news: nothing is going to happen. You're better off smoking some catnip.



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