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Lil' Reds - Red Solo Cup Shot Glasses

Lil' Reds - Red Solo Cup Shot Glasses

A set of 20 miniature red Solo Cup cup shot glasses! Perfect for just about any celebration or reason to drink.

Solo cups are known the world over for being the default choice for draft beer drinking, so why not take it a step further and use tiny cups for shot glasses?

These cutely named "Lil' Reds" come in a pack of 20 for just $3. They stand at 2 inches tall and hold 1.75 ounces of your favorite liqour.

These "lil'" cups also make us think of something else: miniature beer pong! For the expert players of course.

We can't think of anything cuter and more fun than these minature red solo cups. Well, if you love to drink, that is - and we do! How about you?


Categories: Adult, Drinking, Humor