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Lightsaber Umbrella

Lightsaber Umbrella

We can just hear the swish of an active lightsaber with this thing, cutting through the rain!

It works really well as an umbrella; perhaps the coolest umbrella a Star Wars geek could own. It has a shaft that lights up in 7 different colors. You press the button on the handle and the lights change. You pick the color or just let it cycle through.

The light up handle is really neat and works as so much more than a lightsaber. I mean, it isn't gong to cut through a Tauntaun or slice someones arm off in a bar fight, but it's cool AND useful.

It's very easy open although it does not have a button that automatically makes it pop open. That's one (albeit small) strike against it. The other strike being that you have to cycle through all the colors by repeatedly pressing the single button to get the color you want.

It lights up very well at night. You can't see it that well in dusk or dawn settings but when it's actually night out, this lightsaber umbrella works well and looks cool.

It requires 3 AAA batteries which will last a long time.

The umbrella feels heavy duty but but is actually rather lightweight. It can also be used as a flashlight, which is great to have at the ready at night, especially in urban areas. We see this being a deterrent to crime, carrying one of these. 

Plus you feel like a badass Jedi! Or Sith if you want to go that route :) 


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