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Lightsaber Pizza Cutter

Lightsaber Pizza Cutter

Ok, so it's another Star Wars-themed kitchen accessory, big whoop. Who are we kidding - this thing is great!

Yes there are a boatload of Star Wars items out there, maybe more than ever now that Disney owns the Star Wars brand, but this is pretty spiffy we have to say.

It's actually Darth Vader's lightsaber that this pizza cutter is modeled after. Just like the Death Star it is fully functional and operational and ready to force choke the life out of its adversaries. Ok, we're not sure how a pizza cutter could do that, but still.

If you need a pizza cutter AND you're a Star Wars geek, look no further! This is the pizza slicer for you. 

It works really well to cut pizza's too. It comes very sharp and ready to roll. This might not work on extremely deep dish pizzas though. The cutting wheel itself just doesn't seem big enough. But for New York-style pizzas and most other types of pizza throughout the south, midwest and west, this puppy should work really well.

It's made of 2 pieces - the stainless steel blade and the plastic handle. These you can separate so that you can wash and clean the blade. 

The handle actually makes cool lightsaber swooshing sounds as you use it. Cool!

It needs 3 LR41 1.5V button cell batteries to operate and these are included with purchase.


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